BDT Investments Inc, a Barbadian company, is the owner of the Arturo's and Marco Polo brands. We provide licensees and franchisees with a broad range of services to support their brands on the international stage.

About us

BDT Investments Inc. provides a wide range of support services to assure that licensee/franchisees have all the tools necessary to be successful. From the initial contact process whereby candidates are evaluated via an in depth profile survey, through market feasibility assessment, operational training to opening support, BDT stands behind its operating partners.

Our close working collaboration continues throughout the multi year life of the agreement. Ongoing training, R&D assessment (both menu based and systems based), restaurant design, marketing, advertising and purchasing support are but a few of the services provided an Arturo's and Marco Polo licensee/franchisee.


Arturo's Restaurants

Arturo’s is a quick service restaurant chain that specializes in great tasting chicken, fresh salads, and homemade desserts. We pride ourselves in consistently delivering a high quality product at affordable prices. Our strict quality control and operational standards as well as our loyal and dedicated workforce of over 2500 employees and their focus on customer service has been the key to Arturo’s success. The unique architecture and interior environment of our over 85 locations throughout Venezuela are widely recognized as is our Corporate Social Responsibility and environmental sustainability programs.


Marco Polo

Marco Polo ice cream is sold via kiosks and scooping shops located in Guatemala, El Salvador and Venezuela. The brand has established a reputation for high quality products that consumers can afford. Marco Polo ice creams and drinks are also a natural fit with Xela's Arturo's Restaurants, where ice cream-stores-within-restaurants offer customers plenty of delicious dessert choices.

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